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Avi Bibi has a CRIMINAL record in Thailand and in Mexico for attempted MURDER , prohibited to enter the 2 countries for the rest of his life , beside that he sends FAKE Facebooks , Whatts apps and e mails and has an open investigation in Cyber Police , to phohibited him to enter to US  , Please REPORT him ,all this is DOCUMENTED ,in the next page , please read it , original DEMAND in original Thai and in English and the screen shot from Thai Emigration with his story enter and leave the country and his last enter for the rest of his live , if he open a new network accusing Mr . Fernando Keops , Avi Bibi does not have ANY PROOF , they are all FALSE accusations .
"The true story behind the case" , Avraham Bibi was born 50 years ago in Jerusalem Israel and study to be a Clown as Avi Bozo he was good , then study magic as Avi Bibi , has never success in the field , when he was 18 years old he so Fernando Keops "world champion magician" in a TV show and fall in love of him ( him never was correspond Fernando is Hetero ), so in his frustration he try to kill him , soon we will have the 2 videos with the proofs in high resolution so you can watch and ENJOY) then he move to Pattaya Thailand as DEEN DEEN as a trasvestite , when he was banned to enter the country he left to Los Angeles Ca . US ,Now you can find him in the streets of Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood . "the end ".

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